Thursday, March 4, 2010 fb or blogger.

So it has been a whirlwind for the past few days. I can't access facebook or blogspot from my computer (blocked) so its been hard to do any updates. sorry!!

But all is well and I'm starting to learn "survival chinese"!! For the past few days, three of us chinese 101 students were taught phrases just to order, greet people, and get around in taxis. We've already started practicing. It's very very hard, but exciting when people actually understand!

Another cool thing - met up with Annalise Larson (freshman from Hope) mom today and she showed me her apt. down town Shanghai and then took me out to a well known dumpling restaurant called DIN TAI FUNG. mmmm i miss it already! Thank you Christy.

Her driver Jack, who speaks broken english, took me around after to see the Pudong side of Shanghai (the most famous buildings at the bottom of my blog). He is awesome and patient trying to help/correct me with my Mandarin. Also, mom and dad, I was saying some Cantonese to Jack and he started counting!!! Thats all he knew....I was trying to explain to him what the word Dialect meant but was having some complications...oh well. Next time I see him i'll know more Chinese :)

Well...thats it so far...on the go every second. I'll update pics and videos soon!!

Love and miss you all!


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