Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Made it.

My first full day in China was really busy, full of orientation stuff. There are 18 students in the IES program and supposedly we'll be like a family by the end of our trip since we're so small. All of us are VERY adventurous and are already planning our weekend excursions (like rock climbing, overnight trains, beijing trip, etc...).

We saw a Walmart, McDonalds and KFC today so we're right at home. Yes, I am experiencing culture shock since everything is in Chinese (go figure) and I feel like I'm in a dream with everyone speaking in circles around me.

The food is SO GOOD. Much better than American food and American Chinese. For dinner, 5 of us went to a local restaurant and shared 6 large plates of food. It ended up being $2.50/person. Don't think you'd see that in America with food like that?!

More to come...still can't get on facebook or blogger on my computer which is a bummer.

Love to all!


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