Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rice Solves Everything?

This Saturday, almost everyone in our group went to Wuzhen, China. This very touristy area (yes, everywhere we looked we saw Chinese groups with matching hats. Some plaid, others blue, some that said "Holiday") was extremely crowded but we did get a taste of the thousands of years of this historic city. We saw ancient stone bridges floating on mild water, its stone pathways between the mottled walls and its delicate wood carvings. We even took a boat ride along the river through the little houses!! All the Chinese people loved us "foreigners", hollering, videoing and taking pictures of us floating down the river. I'm not quite sure why they wanted to film us, definitely not celebrities, but it was still a fascinating part of the experience.

There would have been pictures to post but unfortunately, my camera fell in the toilet while I was there. YUCK. Yes, I sanitized it off and right now, its covered in rice....because, rice solves everything! Hopefully. That would be awful if my camera didn't work after this process of getting out the moisture.

Classes have started and wow is the Chinese classes intense! Three hours a day, four days a week of Chinese 101! Also, I'm taking Chinese Metropolis (we're going to Hong Kong later in April as a class for a week with this class), the Chinese Market, and and Internship Class for credit. Should be an enjoyable and of course, hardworking semester.

What better way to learn about China & Chinese when I'm living here being forced to communicate with their native language and surrounded by their culture. Trying not to take this opportunity for granted. :)

Much love.

Lin Xi

Pronounced: Lin She, my new Chinese name :)
Meaning: Lin means forest. Xi means sunset, twilight


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