Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Memory of Grandpa Allward.

Well, it hasn't been the easiest of times even though I'm in a new country and in a new living environment due to my Grandpa passing away last Saturday. It would be nice to be home with family and friends but you can't predict these things....and yes, life is short. I just want to say that I really do miss you Mom, Dad, and AG and all my family and friends!!! You don't know the blessings in your life until their gone (or far far away). RIP grandpa. we all love you.

But, I'm here in Shanghai and trying to appreciate everything that comes with it! Yes, the interactions and people are VERY different from the US. A lot of people are on "missions" and seem to be on the go all the time. This is partly due to the fact that I'm in a large city but you can really tell with the amount of traffic (cars, buses, bikes, people, etc...) The order of importance on the streets are:

1. Bus
2. Car/taxi
3. Motorcycle
4. Bike
5. Pedestrian

Today, my first day with my new bike we bargained for 170RMB ($25), a few of us took a little tour of the city...but really on a shopping trip to wo er ma (Walmart). We bought too many things and forgot we had we piled up our baskets on our bikes and took off down the crazy streets of China. Honestly, this was one of the scariest things to experience...biking with little to no control with bags hanging from the handle bars crossing major intersections. WE ALMOST GOT HIT BY A BUS. Probably missed it by a foot or so. So when the cross walk sign says "walk", cars are still allowed to take rights...which makes no sense b/c then they have the right away?!? ughhhh, frustrating. So, with that near death experience, we made it back to Tonghe Apartments. What a shopping adventure!

This weekend, most of us are going to Wuzhen China on Saturday!! Here's a picture of it...


Anonymous said...

He and your grandma were loved and will be missed, but their legacy and spirit will live on forever. . . Dad

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