Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break = Hong Kong.

Since Friday 4/16, our entire IES group flew to HK, staying at Hong Kong University. It has been a few days now that I've been here and already, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. On Sunday we had a free day but the rest of the week we have lectures in the morning taught by HKU professors and then field trips in the afternoon. Our topics range from history of HK, education, religion and business.

-Visited Peng Ghau Island (a non touristy island that has gorgeous views!)
-Hiked through the New Territories (far up north which had breathtaking views but VERY long 25km...6 1/2 hour hike...totally worth it!)
-Museum Tours
-Shopped the night markets!!
-Symphony of Lights
-THE PEAK (highest view from Hong Kong Island)
-Sai Kung Park for seafood

and much much more. I'll upload photos very soon.

But this trip has really changed my perspective on a lot of things about the Asian culture and connection with mainland China (PRC). Also, I LOVE HKU. The university is ranked #1 in Asia and I really want to study here for Graduate school :) way later of course. I also have been inspired by the education system here in HK compared to mainland and the need to privatize colleges. A possible area to study?

We'll see....I'm just dreaming up things right now...


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